Twin Oaks Elementary

Twin Oak Elementary School is located in San Marcos, CA and features play structures for primary, preschool and special needs, and kinder playgrounds. In the Summer of 2019, Twin Oaks Elementary renovated all their classrooms with new flooring and carpet. They also renovated the kinder, special needs and primary playgrounds completely. As the designer for this project, we incorporated modern and unique features that provide students with multi-sensory experiences. 

STRUCTURE TYPES Primary / Preschool & Special Needs / Kinder Playgrounds
ADDRESS: 1 Cassou Rd., San Marcos, CA 92069
END OWNER: San Marcos Unified School District
DESIGNER: Recreation Brands of Southern California
PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT: Play & Park Structures
SURFACING: Poured-in-Place rubber
PROJECT CATEGORY School, Playground
COMPLETION DATE: Completed August 2019

Preschool / Special Needs playground

The modernization of the preschool and special needs area allows children to develop positive skills and traits that will benefit them greatly later in life. The area features sensory benches and musical components throughout that give users a new and collaborative way to play. Other sensory pieces include the summit arch and oval swing. These two pieces break down social and physical barriers by providing a unique multi-sensory experience for children of all abilities.

Primary Playground

This new playground area is nearly 10,000 sq. ft and boasts a large structure, nets including a 12-foot hexagon climber, swings and an ElephantPlay spinner. It also features a large turf area for recreational activities.

Kinder Playground 

Designed with a “trike-track” style in mind, the kindergarten playground area provides children with multiple different styles of play. From boulder climbing nets and spinners to triple slides and climbers, there are endless things to do. This area also features a whirl with me and Amaze Panels. To fully understand these pieces its best to watch children use them – and you will see the true creativity and imagination that all Play & Park structures products foster.