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Recreation Brands of Southern California – Our Mission

Recreation Brands of Southern California (RBSC) is an agency dedicated to  providing innovative, fun & safe outdoor play areas for people of all ages and  abilities. Every day we are designing small parts of communities that end up  having huge impacts on the people using them. 

Our main focus is designing  playgrounds and recreation spaces that everyone can enjoy. From large  inclusive playgrounds to small sensory rich education environments, RBSC uses our wide range of products to effectively address multiple age groups  and styles of play on any project we undertake. 

We look forward to building  for future generations and take extreme pride in our work. Include our staff  as a part of your project team and innovative & creative results shall follow.

    Meet the team

    Michael Etchison – Principal – Orange & Los Angeles County

    Mike Etchison is the owner of Recreation Brands of Southern California and has been a licensed Landscape Architect since 1987.  He has committed his expertise to outdoor recreation design and architectural development in Southern California’s communities for nearly 30 years. The ability to outperform and out-design competitors have helped establish Recreation Brands of Southern California as the premier agency within the outdoor recreation market of Southern California.

    Mike is an avid outdoorsman and fitness enthusiast. He spends his free time with his dogs, at the beach, or boating with his family across Southern California’s and Arizona’s beautiful lakes and reservoirs.

    Mike covers Orange & Los Angeles Counties for Recreation Brands of Southern California.

    Andrew Etchison – Recreation Consultant – Riverside &  San Bernardino County

    Andrew joined the Recreation Brands of Southern California team in March 2019. After completing an undergraduate degree at Indiana University in 2018, he moved back to San Diego to pursue a career path in a technology-related field. With some convenient timing, his internship ended around the time Mike was expanding Recreation Brands. Fast forward to March of 2023 and Andrew has successfully completed projects of all types ranging from inclusive city parks, education centers, public/private schools, and HOA’s throughout all of San Diego & Imperial County. 

    His favorite project so far is the Imperial Valley Center for Exceptional Children inclusive playground renovation. More information about that project can be found here: https://recreationsc.com/project/ivcec-playground/

    In his free time, Andrew enjoys spending time with friends & family outdoors or on the water. Sports are a huge part of his life whether it be the Padres, Hoosiers, or Chargers. Other interests include cooking & eating good food, working out, and playing with dogs.

    Alfredo Pulido – Recreation Consultant – Riverside & San  Bernardino County

    Alfredo joined Recreation Brands of Southern California in April of 2022. With over 17  years of combined experience as a Community Liaison for Corona Norco Unified School District and Riverside County Office of Education, Alfredo has an intimate understanding of the needs of the whole child. Working within RCOE also exposed Alfredo to some severely underserved schools in regard to playing equipment and amenities. Alfredo covers Riverside & San Bernardino County for Recreation Brands. 

    Being raised in Riverside, Alfredo has an intrinsic motivation to see his community flourish. Alfredo’s favorite part of his job is bringing new Playgrounds to the very same students & families he supported throughout his education career.  

    In his free time, Alfredo likes to travel with his Family and Friends. As a fan of all sports, Alfredo enjoys snowboarding, softball, bowling, and attending live sporting events. 

    Dawn Etchison – Responsible Managing Officer

    As the Responsible Managing Officer of Recreation Brands, Dawn assists with all things business related. From payroll to taxes, invoicing, payments & collections to general business inquiries, she ensures everything is running smoothly on the back end. 

    In her free time, she likes to play pickleball, spend time with her girlfriends working out, and also on the water with her family. She also loves her two Australian Shepherds very much!

    Designs and Agency awards:

    • PLAYCORE President’s Award of Excellence – 2012 (Mike E.)
    • PLAYCORE Trailblazer Award – 2014 (Mike E.)
    • UltraSite Partner-of-the-Year – 2017 (Mike E.)
    • Play & Park Structures Salesperson of the year – 2018 (Mike E.)
    • Play & Park Structures Rookie of the year – 2019 (Andrew E.)
    • Play & Park Structures Dealership of the year – 2019 (Recreation Brands of Southern California)
    • Play & Park Structures Hall of Fame Inductee – 2022 (Mike E.)

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